Participant Labs


Cornelius Barry head shot

Cornelius Barry

Fruit development and ripening and biochemical evolution of specialized metabolism within the Solanaceae family

Christoph Benning head shot

Christoph Benning

Mechanisms of lipid trafficking; regulation of membrane lipid homeostasis; control of carbohydrate and seed oil metabolism in developing seeds

Gregory Bonito head shot


Gregory Bonito

Fungal systematics; truffle biology; plant-fungal-bacterial interactions

Federica Brandizzi head shot

Federica Brandizzi

Dynamics of secretory membrane traffic, endomembranes, live cell imaging


Kevin Childs head shot


Kevin Childs

Bioinformatics, genomics and genome annotation


Brad Day head shot

Brad Day

Molecular biology of host-pathogen interactions

She-You Ding head shot


Shi-You Ding

Plant cell wall structure and applications from biomass to biofuels and biomaterials  

Danny Ducat head shot

Danny Ducat

Cyanobacterial biology and biotechnology

Pat Edger head shot


Patrick Edger

Plant genome evolution in the Rosaceae and Ericaceae

Eva Farre head shot

Eva Farre

Molecular mechanisms of the plant circadian clock; role of circadian rhythms in plant physiology


Erich Grotewold

Erich Grotewold

Plant systems biology; Trafficking and the function of plant specialized metabolites

Bjorn Hamberger head shot

Björn Hamberger

Plant pathway discovery for high-value compounds and Synthetic Biology


Sheng Yang He headshot

 Sheng Yang He

Molecular Biology of Plant-Pathogen Interactions

Susanne Hoffmann-Benning head shot

Susanne Hoffmann-Benning

Mechanisms of plant growth and development; cell wall and cuticle biosynthesis


Courtney Hollender

Courtney Hollender

Plant developmental biology and physiology for advancements in tree fruit agriculture


Gregg Howe head shot

Gregg Howe

Regulation of plant anti-herbivore defense

Jinping Hu head shot

Jianping Hu

Molecular mechanisms of peroxisome biogenesis and function

Ning Jiang head shot

Ning Jiang

Function of transposable elements, mechanisms of genome diversification



Dan Jones head shot

Dan Jones

Mass spectrometric analysis of biological molecules


Cheryl Kerfeld head shot

Cheryl Kerfeld

Structural and functional characterization of proteins involved in photoprotection in cyanobacteria


David Kramer head shot

David Kramer

Energetics and

the control of photosynthesis


Robert Last head shot

Robert Last

Functional genomics of nutritionally important compounds and

stress adaptation processes


David Lowry head shot

David Lowry

Plant Speciation; population and quantitative genetics; landscape evoluationary genomics

Beronda Montgomery head shot

Beronda Montgomery

Molecular basis of light responses in higher plants and cyanobacteria



Danny Schnell head shot

Danny Schnell

Organelle biogenesis and interactions.  Protein targeting and membrane biogenesis in plants

Yair Shachar-Hill head shot

Yair Shachar-Hill

Metabolic flux analysis of plant central metabolism




Thomas Sharkey head shot

Tom Sharkey

Biochemistry and biophysics of carbon assimilation and exchange with the environment

Shinhan Shiu head shot

Shinhan Shiu

Evolutionary and comparative genomics




Hideki Takahashi head shot

Hideki Takahashi

Mechanisms of nitrogen and sulfur uptake and metabolism

Mike Thomashow head shot

Mike Thomashow

Stress adaptation and transcriptional




Robert vanBuren


Robert vanBuren

Genetic basis of natural plant adaptations for targeted crop improvement; Drought tolerance of underutilized crop species

Kevin Walker head shot

Kevin Walker

Functional analysis of enzymes on biosynthetic pathways of plant-derived bioactive compounds


Marjorie Weber




Marjorie Weber

Ecological interactions between species and their impact on phenotypic evolution and diversification