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Participant Labs

Cornelius Barry

Cornelius Barry

Biochemical evolution of plant specialized metabolism

Christoph Benning head shot

Christoph Benning

Plant & algal lipid metabolism and transport


Greg Bonito

Gregory Bonito

Fungal systematics; truffle biology; plant-fungal-bacterial interactions

Kevin Childs head shot

Kevin Childs

Bioinformatics, genomics and genome annotation

Headshot of Dan Chitwood


Dan Chitwood

Plant morphology; quantification of shape and branching architectures

headshot of Doctor Danny Ducat

Danny Ducat

Cyanobacterial biology and biotechnology

Headshot of Dr. Patrick Edger

Patrick Edger

Polyploid genomics


headshot of Doctor Eva Farre

Eva Farre

Plant & algal circadian clock biology

headshot of Doctor Erich Grotewold

Erich Grotewold

Plant systems biology; Trafficking and the function of plant specialized metabolites

Headshot of Bjoern Hamberger

Bjoern Hamberger

Plant pathway discovery for high-value compounds and Synthetic Biology

Miranda Haus head shot

Miranda Haus

Plant stress responses

Susanne Hoffmann-Benning head shot

Susanne Hoffmann-Benning

Plant growth and development in response to stress

Headshot of Polly Hsu

Polly Hsu

Translational regulation in plant responses to the environment

Headshot of Courtney Hollender

Courtney Hollender

Plant developmental biology and physiology for advancements in tree fruit agriculture

photo of Professor Gregg Howe

Gregg Howe

Regulation of plant anti-herbivore defense

Jinping Hu head shot

Jianping Hu

Peroxisome biogenesis and function

Jiming Jiang head shot

Jiming Jiang

Genetics, genomics and epigenetics of plant stress responses

head shot of doctor Emily Josephs

Emily Josephs

Evolutionary genetics and genomics of plant natural variation

Cheryl Kerfeld head shot


Cheryl Kerfeld

Characterization of proteins involved in photoprotection in cyanobacteria

Robert Last head shot

Robert Last

Functional genomics of plant metabolism

Sarah Lebeis

Sarah Lebeis

Plant microbiome composition and assembly

David Lowry head shot

David Lowry

Plant speciation and evolutionary genomics

headshot of Doctor Peter Lundquist

Peter Lundquist

Plastoglobule & chloroplast biochemistry, proteomics

Headshot of Doctor Tim Miles

Tim Miles

Small fruit and hop pathology

Eric Patterson

Eric Patterson

Weed genomics

photo of Professor Sue Rhee

Sue Rhee

Plant genomics & plant resilience


Hatem Rouached head shot

Hatem Rouached

Mineral nutrition, sensing, signaling and transport

Yair Shachar-Hill head shot

Yair Shachar-Hill

Metabolic flux analysis of plant central metabolism


Tom Sharkey head shot

Tom Sharkey

Biochemistry and biophysics of carbon assimilation and exchange with the environment

head shot of Doctor Shin-han Shiu

Shinhan Shiu

Evolutionary and comparative genomics, machine learning


photo of Professor Daniela Strenkert

Daniela Strenkert

Multi-omics resolution of photosynthetic performance

headshot of Doctor Hideki Takahashi

Hideki Takahashi

Mechanisms of nitrogen and sulfur uptake and metabolism


Head shot of Doctor Addie Thompson

Addie Thompson

Maize genetics and genomics; high-throughput phenotyping

headshot of Doctor Frances Trail

Frances Trail

Fungal pathogen- host interactions

Headshot of Doctor Bob Van Buren

Robert vanBuren

Genetic basis of plant adaptation.  Drought tolerance of underutilized crop species


Headshot of Berkley Walker


Berkley Walker

Photosynthesis and photorespiration