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Summer 2017 REU Participants

Summer 2017 REU Participants

Summer 2017 REU Participants

Amanda Agosto Ramos, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras

Andrea Bostrom, Bryan College

Tara Caso, Humboldt State University

Anna Cowie, Westminster College

Michael Douglas, Adrian College

Sterling Evans, University of Missouri - Columbia

Ashleigh Farmer, Claflin University

Morgan Gaglianese-Woody, Appalachian State University

Ryan Humphrey, Duke University

Brennan Hyden, Washington State University

Hannah Jeffery, Alma College

Katherine Martinez-Muñoz, SUNY Oneonta

Briana Nuñez, Brown University

Elijah Saltzman, Oberlin College

Christine Solomon, Grinnell College

Ana Vazquez-Catoni, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

Tevin Williams, Saint Augustine's University

Rachael Wolf, Iowa State University