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Summer 2006 REU Participants

2006 REU Participants and mentors

From left to right: Eva Collakova (postdoc, Shachar-Hill Lab), Joonyul Kim (Grad. Student, DellaPenna Lab), Betsy Ampofo (REU participant), Rob Last (PI), Amy Strikwerda (REU participant), Carl Andre (Grad. Student, Benning Lab), James Morgan (REU participant), Liz Vanwert (REU participant), Liz Villar (REU participant), Jon Glynn (Grad. Student, Osteryoung Lab).

Summer 2006 REU Participants

Betsey B. Ampofo – Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, Georgia
Dave Girdwood – Michigan State University
James J. Morgan – Fort Valley State University, Fort Valley, Georgia
Ryan Preunter – Michigan State University
Qasim Shakeel – Michigan State University
Amy Strikwerda – Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Elizabeth Vanwert – Michigan State University
Elizabeth Villar – Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio